Capital Procurement Express

Cash is a necessity for all new entrepreneurs. We support your capital procurement efforts by arranging for loans, subsidies, and grants.

No two businesses look for the same type of funding. Our services help you find the type most appropriate for you. Please do not hesitate to get in touch.


We handle the preparation of documents necessary to apply for funding, such as business plan, cash flow statement, and trial balance sheet.

Specifically, our services include the drafting and preparation of financial analyses, financial plans, and cash flow statements.


We recommend the start-up loan program by the Japan Finance Corporation (JFC), which involves no collateral, no guarantor, and low interest rates, and provides screening results in about one week. (Photo: JFC Shibuya Branch)

Consultation on loans First 30 minutes free of charge
Preparation of documents such as business plan 55,000 yen (tax inclusive)
Commission on successful capital procurement 5% of amount procured


As popular as loans are subsidies and grants. Whereas loans constitute a debt, subsidies and grants, as a rule, do not need to be repaid. They are an effective form of funding for entrepreneurs, if used wisely.

Please contact us for further information on the various subsidies available by type and purpose.

Consultation on subsidies 5,500yen (up to 1 hour)
Preparation of documents such as business plan 55,000 yen (tax inclusive)
Commission on granting of subsidy 20% of amount granted


  • The fee for preparation of documents such as business plan will not be returned, regardless of the result of a loan or subsidy application.
  • Actual expenses will be charged separately for obtaining certified copies of the company register and for transportation.
  • For consultation at a remote location, an additional daily fee of 22,000 yen (including tax) will be charged, plus actual expenses of transportation and accommodation.


The Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare provides grants for purposes such as career advancement, employment promotion, and vocational skill improvement.

Individual grants are issued provided requirements are met. Note, however, that all are basically related to employment. Please consult us in advance if you have plans to hire workers at the time you set up business.

* Grant services are outsourced to our partner social insurance labor consultant.

Your initial consultation is free of charge. Please contact us by either phone or email. (If you prefer to visit our office for consultation, kindly make an appointment by phone or email.)

If you wish consultation via email, please send your information using the form below. Note that we open and read incoming messages around the clock, but may require some time to reply. For urgent inquiries, kindly contact us by phone.

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