Back Office Operations

We handle various back office operations after your business is set up, including tax and accounting, labor and social insurance procedures, and payroll processing.

Back office operations—content and estimated fees

Notifying the tax office, enrolling in social insurance, opening a bank account—many procedures await a business once it is set up.

Monthly accounting tasks and payroll processing must also be performed accurately, and this requires specialized knowledge. We provide full support with procedures after establishment for foreigner entrepreneurs who may be unfamiliar with Japanese systems.

Agent services for tax notification procedures after establishment of operations 33,000 yen
Support for opening a bank account 220,000 yen and up
Bookkeeping and accounting 27,500 yen and up per month
Labor and social insurance procedures 55,000 yen
Preparation of employment regulations 33,000 yen and up
Agent services for preparation of contracts 22,000 yen and up
Agent services for payroll processing 11,000 yen and up per month
・All fees are inclusive of tax.
・Agent services for tax notification procedures after establishment of operations, and labor and social insurance procedures are outsourced to our partner tax accountant and social insurance labor consultant.
・Actual expenses will be charged separately for obtaining certified copies of the company register and for transportation.

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