Detail commentary”Program to increase foreign entrepreneurs”

Detail commentary”Program to increase foreign entrepreneurs”

What kind of visa can you start up in Tokyo quickly with?

“I heard that the entrepreneurship of foreigners in Tokyo has become smoother by the system called”Program to increase foreign enterpreneurs “, what kind of procedure is it?”

For foreigners who aim for entrepreneurship in the Tokyo metropolitan area, many people do not know the exceptional system called “Program to increase foreign entrepreneurs”?

Tokyo is the world’s leading business-friendly city. Funds, people, know-how, information gather from all over the world.

In such Tokyo, it is a system of “Program to increase foreign entrepreneurs” that allows entrepreneurs to start businesses without difficulty and obtain the status of the residence of management at the fastest speed.

Various hurdles when foreigners start up business in Japan

It is troublesome and time-consuming to start a business in Japan where the regulation network was established and it is often thought that a huge amount of money is necessary. When a foreigner actually establishes in Japan, it is necessary to acquire the status of residence of management. In order to acquire this status of residence, it is necessary to satisfy the conditions of employment of two full-time workers or domestic investment of 5 million yen or more, in addition to establishing an office, prior to entering the country, under the current system.

In order to fulfill these conditions, it is necessary to prepare business partners, prepare activities such as office rent contract, etc. before the permission of the status of residence, so that it is extremely difficult for foreigners to start up without a domestic partner.  Furthermore, since it takes 3 months to 6 months from the establishment of the company to the acquisition of the status of the residence of management, we have to wait in the home country or come to Japan by “short-term stay” until getting the permission. Continue paying for office rent that is already made contract at the time of company establishment until the status of residence is permitted. The conventional system was extremely lossy for entrepreneurs.

In Japan where you do not know anything about even which is the right or the left, it is a high risk for entrepreneurs to establishing a company first and then wait for the status of the residence is permitted in order to finally start up business.

Acquisition of the status of the residence of management by utilizing “Program to increase foreign entrepreneurs”However, Tokyo Metropolitan Government’s new system “Program to increase foreign entrepreneurs” allows the Tokyo Metropolitan Government to confirm the business plan, etc. prior to the Immigration Bureau’s review, to approve exceptionally “6 months of the status of the residence of management”.

Foreigners who wish to start a business can conduct various start-up preparation activities, such as finding offices and establishing companies, within 6 months after entering Japan. Also, our office and staff of Tokyo Metropolitan Government will provide assistance so that foreign entrepreneurs will be able to renew their status of residence of management after 6 months.

It usually takes only 3 month at minimum to receive the status of the residence of management since application. Although it may take 4 to 5 months depending on each case, it is a great advantage that you can prepare various things after entering the country if compared to the current system.

Who knows the shortest route for the foreign entrepreneurs to advance to TokyoFlow for the foreign entrepreneurs to enter Japan–       Current flow①   Establish the company②   Apply for the status of the residence of management*period of review is three to six months (it may take 1 year)③   Receive authorization of admission into Japan by Immigration Bureau④   Enter Japan Flow of “Program to increase foreign entrepreneurs”①   Submit the application of confirmation on startup business activities to The Metropolitan Government Bureau *Period of review is 4weeks at minimum②   The Metropolitan Government Bureau approve/Apply the status of the residence of management*Period of review is 4weeks at minimum, though it may take two to three months③   Receive the authorization of admission into Japan④   Enter Japan⑤   Establish the company*One month at minimum to enter Japan  What is the “Program to increase foreign entrepreneurs”?

  1. From when did the system start?

In order to attract excellent entrepreneurs, interesting ideas, funds and companies from all over the world, in January, 2016, acceptance of “Program to increase foreign entrepreneurs” began as part of efforts of the national strategy special zone system .

  1. Who are the targeted foreigners?

    Foreigners who intend to establish business in Tokyo are eligible. However, foreigners living in Japan with current status of residence are not eligible.

  2. What kind of documents are necessary to use this system?

Required documents

  • Startup activity confirmation application form (cum-agreement form) ⇒ Although it is a simple document, the applicant’s signature is required.
  • Startup activity plan ⇒ It is the most important document. Whether or not the 3-year business plan is executable? It will be rigorously judged. If the plan is ambiguous you will be asked to correct it many times.
  • Resume
  • Copy of passport
  • Documents clarifying the residence for 6 months after landing ⇒ Weekly apartment, Friends home is also acceptable
  • Others ⇒ Documents that understand the balance of deposits may be necessary.
  • Power of attorney ⇒ It is necessary when asking administrative scrivener.

* All documents to be submitted will be filled out in Japanese. Application forms of foreign languages are not accepted at the moment.

  1. Where is the application counter?

Application will be done at the counter of “Business Concierge Tokyo” located in Akasaka Minato Ward. The Tokyo Metropolitan Government Office, Immigration Bureau is not a counter. We do not accept postings, so we bring application documents directly to the counter.

【Business Concierge Tokyo / Akasaka counter】

7th floor of the Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) headquarters

(Ark Mori Building, No. 12, No. 32, Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo)

Business hours: 9:30 to 17:30 (Saturdays, Sundays, holidays, New Year’s holidays are closed)

  1. Who can bring application documents?

In addition to the applicant himself / herself, on behalf of the applicant, we can bring documents who have registered to the local immigration bureau director.

That is, even if the applicant is not in Japan, you can apply.

  1. Is the examination severe? How long it will take?

If there is no problem in the contents of the Startup activity plan (= 3 year business plan), a certificate of startup activity will be issued from The Tokyo Metropolitan

Government Bureau within 4 weeks to 6 weeks. After that, we apply to the immigration Bureau for Certificate of Eligibility of the status of residence of management. By submitting the certificate of startup activity confirmation as an attached document, a certificate will be issued for 4 to 6  weeks (In each case it may take up to 2 month). It can be said that it is a fast track for obtaining status of residence of management.

However, if the content of the startup activity plan lacks clarity or project feasibility, correction will be made many times and the review will be prolonged.

  1. What is the flow after the review is completed?

You will prepare for establishment after getting a status of residence and entering Japan.

  • First visit: Meeting with staff of Tokyo Metropolitan Government

There is a meeting with Tokyo officials about in a month after arrival. (at Tokyo Metropolitan Government Office)

In this interview, you will be asked about why you decide to start a business in Tokyo and the future plan etc. The interview will last about in one hour.

  • Search for offices

Before setting up the company, you will search for the site of the office and make contracts with real estates. In the past it was difficult for foreigners with a 6 – months’ period of stay to sign a property. However, now there are many real estates for foreigners in Tokyo, making it easy for foreigners to contract on offices. There are also real estates where foreign languages that our office can introduce are available.

  • Company establishment

Once the office is secured, you will enter the company establishment procedure. In order to renew the status of residence of management, we recommend establishing with capital over 5 million yen.

④ Notification of tax office · Establishment of corporate account

After establishing the company, you submit opening notification etc. to tax office. At the same time you will open a corporate account. We also introduce banks for you.

  • Second visit: Meeting with staff of Tokyo Metropolitan Government

The second follow-up observation will be held before and after the establishment of the company. If company establishment is completed, this second interview will be held at the office where you actually do business. It is an interview for confirming whether the start-up preparation is proceeding smoothly. In case just before renting the office, an interview will be held at the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Office as well as the first time.

  • Third time: Interview with Tokyo Metropolitan staff

The project will be started and an interview will be held to see if it is possible to renew the period of stay. Tokyo Metropolitan staff will give support and advice so that you can renew safely. We will apply for renewal of status of residence of management after interview.

* Even if you take an interview with the Tokyo Metropolitan officials, renewal permission may not be guaranteed if preparations for establishment are not proceeding smoothly or when “management” status of residence is not qualified.

Please bear in mind that it is not a system to guarantee renewal of period of stay.

We support the utilization of “Program to increase foreign entrepreneurs”.

In business, speed is crucial. Even though you have good ideas and business plans, if it takes time to acquire the status of residence of management, which could destroy your business opportunities. Our office will promptly and smoothly prepare application documents of “Program to increase foreign entrepreneurs” so that you can start business in Japan and apply for application.

For foreigners who intend to starting a business in Tokyo, this special system has a number of advantages that enables smooth start-up.

Japan is a country where it could be difficult for foreign languages to be communicated, though, Tokyo that sets globalized metropolis can be regarded as one of the world’s leading business oriented city in this country.

Tokyo, the world’s leading mega economic city, is one of the world’s largest cities with a population of 13.37 million, and the total city production in Tokyo is US $ 1168.7 billion (FY2011), comparable to the gross domestic product of Mexico and Korea.

There are 2,748 large corporations with capital of 1 billion yen or more in Tokyo, and this number is about 46% of the total in Japan. As an international business base, over 2,300 foreign-affiliated companies, which is about 76% nationwide, are gathered in Tokyo and boast the world’s top class in terms of headquarters of Fortune Global 500 companies. These numerous corporate collections call for new accumulation, leading the economy of Tokyo.

Also, in Tokyo, you have everything you need to make your business successful.

Among other things, there are huge markets, potential business partners and abundance of qualified human resources,

The robustness of protection of intellectual property rights and the convenience of transportation have received high praise from the world as the superiority of Tokyo.

  • Number of population in megalopolis in the world →1
  • Study of mega city by travelers (trip adviser) →1
  • Gross production in Tokyo →equivalent to No.14 of the country in the world
  • Comprehensive strength in mega city in the world →3 (evaluated by Mori memorial foundation)
  • Competitiveness strength in mega city in the world(evaluated by Economist Intelligence Unit) →6
  • Number of headquarters (Fortune Global 500) →2
  • Global Cities of the Future (evaluated by Financial Times) →3
  • Global Cites Benchmark (evaluated by A.T.Kearney) →4
  • Number of big companies with more than 1billlion capital fund →2,748,46% in Japan
  • Number of foreign affiliated companies →2,376,76% in Japan

Our office provide support in Japanese and English. If the walls of words stand out and the business that should succeed … has failed … In order to prevent this kind of situation from the very beginning, our office will provide an one – stop series of support before entering the Japanese market until the project is on track. We will.

First of all, what method is desirable for you to advance into Japan? After deciding the form of advancement, what kind of procedure should you take when starting a business without waste of time or loss of expenses? After starting a business, what kind of business license is necessary and at which timing should we procure funds?

We will support you from the phase of establishment to stabilize business operations.

Flow of acquiring the status of residence of management by foreign business establishment promotion project

  1. Mail acceptance consultation at micro-credit (English, Chinese correspondence)
  2. Procedure flow · Presentation of quotation
  3. Start after signing up
  4. Submit application for confirmation of startup activity to Tokyo (Approximately 4 weeks to 2 month)

If the business plan is deemed appropriate, the following certificate will be issued.

↓ ↓

  1. Submit this Certificate of Confirmation of Startup Activity issued by Tokyo Metropolitan Government to Immigration Bureau
  2. After approximately 4 weeks to 2 month of examination period, the status of residence of management for 6 months stay will be permitted
  3. Receive a visa at the Japanese embassy in your country and enter Japan
  4. We support various procedures required for start-up, such as searching for properties, company establishment form, business license etc.
  5. After the establishment of the company, we will use subsidies and help financing system(will be monthly advisory contract).
  6. Renew period of the status of the residence of management
  7. Confirm and advise if business situation is appropriate

■The customer who we supported

Establish real estate consulting company · Chinese · male · 60’s

Introduce opinions of customers who utilized “Program to increase foreign entrepreneurs”

・Once I got refused permission and left Japan, I heard about this project. I got permission in just about two months! It’s great way that I recommended for those who want to start business quickly in Tokyo.

With regard to the above services, we are looking forward to consultation from those who wish to speedily develop business in Tokyo. Please do not hesitate to contact us by phone or email.( First 30 minutes consultation is free.)

Your initial consultation is free of charge. Please contact us by either phone or email. (If you prefer to visit our office for consultation, kindly make an appointment by phone or email.)

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