Kanagawa Startup Visa

Subsequent to Tokyo, Kanagawa Prefecture Startup Visa is implemented in 2019.  Startup visa is a program for foreign entrepreneurs who plan to launch business in Kanagawa Prefecture.


Under the current system, in order to obtain business manager visa in Japan, the applicant should (1) have a physical office and (2) hire one or more full-time employees OR (2) have either capital or investment of at least 5 million yen in total BEFORE submitting the application to the Immigration Bureau. The above requirements are hard to achieve for overseas entrepreneurs who is living outside Japan.

Kanagawa Startup Visa

With this “Kanagawa Startup Visa”, even if the above requirements are not yet met, entrepreneurs submit a business plan and other required documents to Kanagawa Prefectual Government (hereinafter K.P.G), then is able to apply for Kanagawa startup visa.  The 6-month stay period will be granted with Kanagawa startup visa.  Entrepreneurs can spend the given 6-month period for preparation to obtain business manager visa while setting up or running business. The examination for Kanagawa startup visa period is about 1.5 to 2 months. (It depends on the individual case.)


K.P.G will check the progress of entrepreneurs’ business preparation. They will provide advice on     renewing from Kanagawa startup visa to “business manager visa” when the 6-month period is up.

*It is not guaranteed that the period of stay will be extended, but we will advise you what is required.


Eligible person

Those who are planning to start a business in Kanagawa prefecture and currently reside abroad.


Applicable business

Unlike startup visas in Tokyo, the target industries are narrowed down.  It probably has the intention of accepting businesses that enhance the competitiveness of Kanagawa Prefecture.


1) Life sciences business (e.g. biotechnology, medical device)
2) Energy business (e.g. energy creation, energy saving, energy storage)
3) IT/robotics business (e.g. software, AI, IOT, ICT)
4) Tourism business (e.g. promotion of inbound tourists, creation of tourist attractions)
5) Other businesses specially recognized by Governor of Kanagawa Prefecture as having the potential to contribute to develop international competitiveness and international business hubs for Kanagawa industries.


We, Kaisha express will prepare necessary documents in Japanese such as business plan etc., with online support while you live abroad, and we will submit the application on behalf of you.  You can start your business in Kanagawa prefecture quickly and smoothly.


For foreigners who are thinking of starting a business in Kanagawa Prefecture

This special program is a greatly beneficial system. Kanagawa Prefecture has good access to Tokyo and attractive place for entrepreneurs.


In recent years, it has become more and more globalized. Our office will provide speedy and reliable support to start up business in Kanagawa.


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