Support for expanding into Tokyo under the “Program to increase foreign entrepreneurs”

Tokyo, an ever-evolving city, is a treasure box to seek for business opportunities

  • Minimum 3 month from application to acquisition of business manager visa!/li>
  • Starting up under Tokyo’s new “Program to increase foreign entrepreneurs”

Foreign nationals wishing to launch a business in Japan need to obtain a business manager visa. To receive this status of residence, under current regulations the applicant must open an office and either employ two people full time or invest at least 5 million yen in Japan, all before setting foot in the country.

To do all of this, the applicant must secure a business partner, conclude an office lease agreement, and make other preparations before even landing. This presents a huge hurdle for entrepreneurs working alone, without a partner in Japan.

Obtaining a business manager visa under the “Program to increase foreign entrepreneurs”

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government has introduced a program in which applicants may submit a business plan and other documents to Tokyo and receive a business manager visa for six months, before screening by the Immigration Bureau.

This allows prospective foreign entrepreneurs to hunt for an office location and make other preparations while residing in Japan. We work with the Tokyo government to provide support so that you can renew your business manager visa by the end of this six-month period.

It will still take at least three month (four to five months in some cases) from application to the acquisition of a business manager visa. However, being able to make the necessary preparations after landing in Japan is a significant advantage over current regulations.

Advantages of Tokyo’s new program

  • Short period from application to receipt of an entry permit into Japan
  • Six months to make careful preparations in an unfamiliar country
  • Support from the Tokyo Metropolitan Government during the preparation period
  • Business manager visa enables resident registration and the conclusion of a real estate lease agreement

Attractions of Tokyo

  • World’s leading megalopolis
  • The concentration of first-rate companies, human resources, universities, and research institutions
  • A solid protection of intellectual property rights
  • Clean water and air
  • A trendsetter in culture, from anime to fashion
  • Safe and secure
  • Convenient transportation network
  • Diverse dietary culture

* Recommendation for office spaces in Tokyo

From large offices for global companies to small offices for compact practices, we can recommend spaces convenient for setting up a business in Tokyo according to your needs.

Tokyo is transforming into a financial center, a cultural center for fashion and art, and an expanding transportation network. This is the reason why Tokyo is still evolving and attracting the attention of entrepreneurs from around the world.

Let us work together to spark new innovations and start international businesses from Tokyo.

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