For Foreign Entrepreneurs who are launching business in Tokyo

Tokyo metropolitan government is offering six-month startup visa to allow business preparation time for foreign entrepreneurs.  (Hereinafter referred to Tokyo startup visa program)

We, Kaisha-Express, recommend the Tokyo startup visa program to foreign entrepreneurs and offer strong support till the business launch.

Entrepreneurs from all over the world are gathering in global megacity, Tokyo.
What are they looking for?  “I want to set up business in Tokyo ASAP!”  Furthermore, I want to start a business safely and surely without getting into trouble.
After 2018, the scrutinization for establishing a company and obtaining a Business Manager Visa has become restrictive. In the past, foreigners who wanted to start a business in Tokyo could obtain a Business Manager Visa rather smoothly, if they could invest more than 5 million yen capital and secure a one-room physical office.
Currently, even if the above conditions are satisfied, it is still difficult to obtain Business Manager Visa.   There are other requirements now.  The realistic business plan, the entrepreneur’s achievements/experiences, the effective contract with the business partner, and the clarification of source of the 5 million-yen funds.

In addition, the immigration examination takes six months or more,  there were cases where the funds had run out by the time the entrepreneurs finally got a visa.
We do not recommend this way of obtaining a visa that wastes valuable time and money for entrepreneurs.
If you launch a business in Tokyo, which is changing every day, you can get a visa quickly and surely, and you can start your business as quickly as possible.

*Foreigners who are already residing in Japan under other status of residence cannot use this six-month startup program.

So how fast can you get a business manager visa?
Here are some of our achievements in 2019-2023.

Type of Business Applying Date Granted Date
Consulting Jan/30/2019 Mar/15/2019
Development for travel app May/07/2019 Jun/14/2019
Trading Aug/13/2019 Sep/25/2019
Wig sales Oct/02/2019 Nov/15/2019
Cafe Nov/14/2019 Jan/22/2020
Trading of welding materials Jan/24/2020 Mar/23/2020
Sales of optical network device Mar/16/2020 Jul/30/2020
Bag sales Mar/19/2020 Aug/21/2020
Development of game app on smartphone Apr/28/2020 Jul/22/2020
Clinical trials consultant Jun/19/2020 Sep/03/2020
Construction work Oct/09/2020 Dec/23/2020
Pizza restaurant Oct/09/2020 Feb/8/2021
Web creator Oct/30/2020 Jan/4/2021
Izakaya restaurant Apr/22/2021 July/16/2021
Karaage restaurant Mar/11/2021 May/27/2021
Event Planner July/9/2021 Aug/30/2021
Online Shop July/19/2021 Sep/2/2021
Block Chain Business Sep/15/2021 Dec/9/2021
Yoga Business Nov/17/2021 Feb/10/2022
Online Educational Business Dec/6/2021 Mar/30/2022
Spicy Curry Shop Dec/9/2021 Feb/24/2022
AGC Online Platform Business Dec/24/2021 Mar/11/2022
Supply Chain Matching Platform Business Dec/24/2021 Mar/11/2022
Online Shop Feb/15/2022 Apr/26/2022
Film/Video Making Industry Mar/7/2022 May/23/2022
Health Products Sales Industry Apr/6/2022 Jul/5/2022
Cosmetics, Skin care products Sales Industry Apr/27/2022 Oct/7/2022
Video Content Making, Online Shop Jun/16/2022 Nov/25/2022
Apparel (Clothing) Business Jul/13/2022 Oct/25/2022
Dance Studio Oct/3/2022 Mar/10/2023
Secondhand Bicycle Shop Mar/13/2023
Real Estate/ Property Consulting Oct/13/2022 Feb/24/2023
Trading Nov/24/2022 Apr/26/2023
Human Resource Development Dec/8/2022 Apr/6/2023
Bag sales Jan/4/2023 Jun/23/2023
Apparel (Clothing) Business Jan/4/2023 Jun/21/2023
Used car sales Mar/9/2023
System development Mar/9/2023
Video Content Making Mar/23/2023
Jewelry sales Apr/26/2023
Pet food sales Apr/26/2023
Film/Video Making Industry May/9/2023
Education Business May/29/2023
Used car sales Jun/7/2023
Used car sales Jul/7/2023


It takes three and a half months by average between applying to Tokyo Metropolitan government and obtaining permission from the Immigration Bureau. During the first 6-month in Japan entrepreneurs will rent an office, set up/register a company, and start a business.   How much can they save the cost with this Tokyo startup visa program compared to the regular establishment of a company and business manager visa?

Here is a sample.  If you set up a trading company and get a business manager visa:

Regular company establishment and obtaining business manager visa With Tokyo Startup Visa Program
1.Rent an office ・・(Deposit ¥800,000、First month rent ¥100,000)

2.Establishment of a company

3.Change office name from individual to company’s name

4.  Submit business manager visa application

5.Leave Japan and wait for the visa result.  Examination period 6mon. to 1 year

6.Start business in Japan under business manager visa status

1.Start residing Japan under 6 months Tokyo startup visa status2.Rent an office ・・(Deposit ¥800,000、First month rent ¥100,000)

3.Establishment of a company

4.Change office name from individual to company’s name

5.Start business in Japan

6.Renew business manager visa after 1 year

If you use the Tokyo ” Program to increase foreign entrepreneurs”, you can reduce office rent cost for 6 months or more.

Do you wonder are there any industry restriction in this Tokyo startup visa program?

There are conditions such as being innovating, differentiating from other companies, and activating the economy of Tokyo.  But the fact is there are no clear industry restrictions.  There are similar startup visa programs in Kanagawa, Aichii, Osaka, Hiroshima, Fukuoka and a few others.  However, it does not cover the mail-order business or trading business, which is relatively popular for foreign entrepreneurs to start.

Our office provides full support for Tokyo startup visa application, interview preparation and submission. Despite the naming of “attracting foreign human resources”, all application documents must be written in Japanese, detailed numbers of income and expenditure plans are required, even if you try to do it yourself it will be complicating and time consuming… We will support entrepreneurs who wants to avoid troubles.  We will support you in a speedy manner so that your business can make a big difference in the international city of Tokyo, and you will not miss the opportunities.

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