Free online consultation is available for overseas entrepreneurs. (Japanese/English supported)

A free online consultation is available for foreigners who are planning to establish a company.  If you are interested, please make a reservation in advance by phone or email.

We will sort out the issues for overseas entrepreneurs when establishing a company in Japan.

Tokyo Olympic is coming and business opportunities are expanding in Japan.

Entrepreneurs all over the world have eyes on Tokyo market.  However, …

Company establishment

Find a business partner if necessary

Visa Application

Market research


Find an office

Open a corporate bank account

Are you having this kind of concerns?

・I want to start a business and establish a company in Japan, but I don’t know what kind of documents I need.
・I want to establish a company, but I wonder which will suit my business, K.K. or G.K?
・I want you to support the search for office properties and the opening of corporate account.
・I am worried if I can get a proper visa after starting a business in Japan.

There are no borders to the entrepreneurs feeling which wishes success in their business.
We will carry out a huge amount of entrepreneurial procedures for foreigners who wish to start a business in Japan.  We will make your dreams come true.

In addition, I will explain the pros and cons of starting a business in Japan.  Foreigners, who are not yet familiar and do not know the way in Japan, can think and make their own decisions. You can consult in English.

Our mission is to support you in making your business successful.
Online consultation using Zoom or Skype is available.  It is free of charge for the first time.
If you are a foreigner who is having trouble establishing a company, please talk to us once. (Appointment is necessary.)

Free consultations were being used by foreigners.  Some examples of their concerns as below:

  • I want to set up a company and start a business in Tokyo, but I want to know if I can really start without a partner in Japan. I look at your website and speak English, so I would like to ask for the whole thing, but I would like to talk in person and then decide whether to request your service.
    • I have heard that it is difficult for foreigners to rent an office or open a corporate bank account in Japan, but I would like to discuss first and how far the matters can be supported.
    • I was thinking of going to Tokyo, but there were few legal offices which offer English services, and even if there were, the fee was high. Since I speak English, I would like to find out whether it is your office that I can work with.

In addition to the above, if you are a foreigner who is having trouble setting up a company in Japan, please use the free online consultation.

The flow of using the free consultation.

1. Please contact us by phone or email

Let us know you would like a free online consultation by zoom or Skype.

2. We will arrange the date and time of the free online consultation. In principle, it is within 30 minutes.

3. If you request any work to our office after using the free consultation, we will estimate our fee based on the request. After confirming the estimated amount, please decide whether you will have the business with us. It is up to you.

It is not necessary to have a business with us after using the free consultation.  No charges will be incurred to have the estimation.

Your initial consultation is free of charge. Please contact us by either phone or email. (If you prefer to visit our office for consultation, kindly make an appointment by phone or email.)

If you wish consultation via email, please send your information using the form below. Note that we open and read incoming messages around the clock, but may require some time to reply. For urgent inquiries, kindly contact us by phone.

There is a possibility that inquiries from overseas can not be received by this website. If so, please contact this email address.

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