Opening a corporate bank account for foreigners and foreign companies

Currently, our services for opening a corporate account is available only for customers who have established a corporation using our service. Kind regards.

Do you need a bank account in Japan as Foreigners or Foreign companies?

From March 2019, opening a corporate bank account has become difficult.

In the past, even if the CEO was a foreigner and lived abroad, it was possible to open a bank account with the support of collaborator residing in Japan. However, the bank’s compliance system has strengthened and then examinations for opening corporate bank account have become extremely strict.

Currently, even a person residing in Japan is appointed as a director, opening a corporate account is almost impossible if the address of CEO is not in Japan. To create a corporate account, companies need to assign a resident in Japan as CEO.

Back then the regulations were not so strict, and many corporate accounts were opened for foreigners living overseas.  It caused troubles, eg. “the telephone cannot be connected” and “there is no one to contact” and the bank was left with abandoned accounts, and they became a burden on the bank to maintenance.

Contact us if you cannot open your corporate account.

Please prepare the following items.
・Landline phone *It shows more credit than mobile phone only.

・Company websites or other materials which shows your business contents

・Business card

・Contracts with clients, business partners


・Residence card  *Business manager visa , highly-skilled foreign professionals visa, and status of residence have more chance to be accepted.

・Certified copy of register

・Corporate seal (bank seal)

・Certificate of corporate seal

・Articles of incorporation

・Copy of tax office notification

Our office is here for you not only establishing a company, but also follow-through services.  It includes opening a corporate account, working visa for foreign employees, consultation on establishment bank loans, application for government grants, and application for various business permits.

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