【Applicants Expands】International Students can now apply for Tokyo Start-Up Visa

 The Tokyo Metropolitan Government’s Startup Visa (formally known as the Tokyo Metropolitan Government’s Project to Promote the Acceptance of Foreign Entrepreneurs), which used to be available only to overseas residents, will be available for international students residing in Japan from April 2021. As a result, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government will be encouraging fresh and energetic human resources to start their own businesses. In addition, they can now take advantage of their “study abroad” experience in Japan to start a business more smoothly.  To the question “What should a foreigner do in order to start a business in Japan?” in the past, the only possible route was to prepare an office…


Kanagawa Startup Visa

Subsequent to Tokyo, Kanagawa Prefecture Startup Visa is implemented in 2019.  Startup visa is a program for foreign entrepreneurs who plan to launch business in Kanagawa Prefecture.   Under the current system, in order to obtain business manager visa in Japan, the applicant should (1) have a physical office and (2) hire one or more full-time employees OR (2) have either capital or investment of at least 5 million yen in total BEFORE submitting the application to the Immigration Bureau. The above requirements are hard to achieve for overseas entrepreneurs who is living outside Japan. Kanagawa Startup Visa With this “Kanagawa Startup Visa”, even if the above requirements are not…


To foreigners who want to start second-hand car sales in Japan

Thinking of selling Japanese cars in your home country? We have established a number of companies in our office.  We have heard foreigners saying, “I would like to sell Japanese used cars to my home country.” Japanese used cars are gaining popularity overseas. Why are Japanese cars popular among the many automobile manufacturers in the world? In other words, Japanese cars are “hard to break ” and “safe and high quality”, and “Made in Japan” is a name that is passed through the world as a firm brand.   Also, Japanese users tend to take care of vehicles carefully, and Japanese used cars are comparatively painless and clean, also one…


Opening a corporate bank account for foreigners and foreign companies

Currently, our services for opening a corporate account is available only for customers who have established a corporation using our service. Kind regards. Do you need a bank account in Japan as Foreigners or Foreign companies? From March 2019, opening a corporate bank account has become difficult. In the past, even if the CEO was a foreigner and lived abroad, it was possible to open a bank account with the support of collaborator residing in Japan. However, the bank’s compliance system has strengthened and then examinations for opening corporate bank account have become extremely strict. Currently, even a person residing in Japan is appointed as a director, opening a corporate…


To foreigners who want to open a restaurant in Japan

I would like to open a shop of Laksa in Japan , which is popular at Singapore stalls. I would like to open a shop in my home taste Persian cuisine in Japan. I would like to start a shop of tapioca milk tea in Tokyo that is famous in Taiwan.   There should be many foreigners who might think that “I’d like to start a restaurant business in Japan”. Nonetheless, I think that there are many people who have the following concerns.   I do not know what to do first for opening a shop in Japan. I want to open a restaurant, but can I start without a…


To foreigners who are planning to establish a company in Japan

I will tell you about the procedure of cases which foreigners want to start a business in Japan by investing by themselves instead of setting a subsidiary or a branch office of an overseas corporation. This flow is said to be a general flow. 1 Visit Japan with short-term stay 2 Office contract 3 Application for company establishment, 4 Application for Business management visa 5 You return home country 6 Enter Japan  after approval” But can you start a business as per this flow? Speaking of fact, there are two major problems on start-up business in this flow. The two big problems are office rent contracts and opening a corporate…


Detail commentary”Program to increase foreign entrepreneurs”

Detail commentary”Program to increase foreign entrepreneurs” What kind of visa can you start up in Tokyo quickly with? “I heard that the entrepreneurship of foreigners in Tokyo has become smoother by the system called”Program to increase foreign enterpreneurs “, what kind of procedure is it?” For foreigners who aim for entrepreneurship in the Tokyo metropolitan area, many people do not know the exceptional system called “Program to increase foreign entrepreneurs”? Tokyo is the world’s leading business-friendly city. Funds, people, know-how, information gather from all over the world. In such Tokyo, it is a system of “Program to increase foreign entrepreneurs” that allows entrepreneurs to start businesses without difficulty and obtain…


Support for expanding into Tokyo under the “Program to increase foreign entrepreneurs”

Tokyo, an ever-evolving city, is a treasure box to seek for business opportunities Minimum 3 month from application to acquisition of business manager visa!/li> Starting up under Tokyo’s new “Program to increase foreign entrepreneurs” Foreign nationals wishing to launch a business in Japan need to obtain a business manager visa. To receive this status of residence, under current regulations the applicant must open an office and either employ two people full time or invest at least 5 million yen in Japan, all before setting foot in the country. To do all of this, the applicant must secure a business partner, conclude an office lease agreement, and make other preparations before…


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