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Are you seeking to set up a company and acquire a business manager visa? Hoping to hire foreign nationals but aren’t sure how it works? Worried about completing procedures on your own, having a visa application rejected, and risking delays in employment? We provide full support for the completion of visa application procedures.

Our express service also covers a variety of other needs, like hiring international students, inviting foreign employees from abroad, and extending the period of stay of foreign staff members.

* Recommended: Business manager in Tokyo under the “Tokyo startup visa=Program to increase foreign entrepreneurs”

Establishing a presence in Tokyo takes at least one month (two to three months in some cases) from application to acquisition of an entry permit into Japan. The Tokyo Metropolitan Government runs a program that grants a business manager visa for six months, allowing prospective foreign entrepreneurs to hunt for an office location and make other preparations while residing in Japan. We work with the Tokyo government to provide support so that you can complete preparations and renew your business manager visa by the end of this six-month period.

Major work visas

Business manager Business manager in Tokyo under the “Tokyo startup visa=Program to increase foreign entrepreneurs” 275,000 yen
Business manager Business manager of a company, etc. 220,000 yen and up
Engineer Engineer, system engineer in mechanical engineering, electronic engineering, etc. 110,000yen and up
Specialist in humanities / international services Interpreter, translator, designer, language teacher, marketing specialist, etc. 110,000yen and up
Intra-company transferee Personnel transferring from an office abroad 110,000 yen and up
Skilled labor Chef of foreign cuisine, pilot, sports instructor, gem processing specialist, etc. 110,000 yen and up
・All fees are inclusive of tax.
・An additional 88,000yen will be charged for preparation of a business plan.
(However, preparation of a business plan is included in the fee for business manager in Tokyo under the “Program to increase foreign entrepreneurs.”)
・Actual expenses will be charged separately for obtaining certified copies of documents and for transportation to the Immigration Bureau.

* When hiring two or more persons at the same time, a substantial discount is available for the second person onward.

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