※We are introducing some comments/feedback from clients with their consent to publication.


Client’s name Mr. LUYTEN BERT
Nationality Belgium
Services requested Business Manager Visa (Program for foreign entrepreneurs by Tokyo Metropolitan Government)


“Thank you Naomi and Mikako for your kind and professional support in my successful application for a start-up business manager residence permit!

Naomi and Mikako were quick, professional and most of all they were very kind during every step of the process.

I could feel that they believed in my project and that they wanted me to succeed,

and this adds a lot of quality to their work.

They have my recommendation!”

Bianca de Jong

Client’s name Bianca de Jong
Nationality Holland
Services requested Application for Certificate of Eligibility for Business Manager(via Tokyo Program to increase foreign entrepreneurs), Establishment of a KK company, Opening corporate bank account


My company plans, produces, sells and manages the operation of Internet websites. I specialize in creating modern, easy-to-manage websites that increase sales for our clients, and I mainly cooperate with the foreign entrepreneurs who are expanding into Japan.

When planning to start business in Tokyo, I was looking for an English-speaking firm to help me, and I came across with Kaisha Setsuritu Express. Thanks to their speedy services, I could obtain a management and administrative visa quickly. However, there was a long period of time when I was unable to travel to Japan due to the Covid-19 pandemic. I was very worried when I would ever be able to travel to Japan. Even during such time, I could consult with them many times via e-mail and received the latest information each time, which was very reassuring. After entering Japan, I asked them to help me set up a Kabushiki Kaisha (KK) and open a corporate bank account. Thank you very much.

Mitte-Verso LLC.

Headquarters Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Director Kongphatthanatrakul Wises
Main operations Planning, development, production and sales of systems related to information technology
Services requested Establishment of company, Change of status from student to business manager visa, Opening a corporate bank account, Applying for the Second-hand dealer’s license

Very fast work!
It took only two and a half months from the company establishment of my company to receiving the permit for changing the visa status from students visa to business management visa.
Since I am a student, I thought it would take much longer to receive a business management visa.
I also ordered to open a corporate account, which I was able to open at a megabank.

Zenyum Japan Co., Ltd.

Headquarters Singapore
Director Mr. Tasuku Ito
Main operations Sales of pharmaceuticals, medical supplies and daily necessities
Services requested ・Establishment of Japanese subsidiary
・Opening a corporate bank account

When we decided to enter the Japanese market, we first contacted a professional legal firm designated by our headquarters in Singapore. That firm made business globally, however I wanted firm that I could talk affable. I searched for “foreign company, Japanese corporation, start-up,” and Ms. Iwasaki’s office came up.

When I contacted Ms. Iwasaki, her response was very quick, and I thought that “This firm would proceed attentively” so I have decided to ask this firm to do your establishment.

I was still working at my previous job while I was preparing for setting the branch office in Japan, and during the busiest moments it was very helpful to have they communicate promptly in English on my behalf with the directors, finance department, and human resources department of the head office. They also responded to my urgent requests.

I was able to open a corporate account in Japan within a week of applying and was able to start up my business smoothly.

Seiko Trading LLC.

Headquarters Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
Director Rusutagi Pathik
Main operations Brokerage and import/export of household electrical appliances
Services requested Establishment of company, Change of status from family dependent to business manager visa

I was looking for a consultant to help me establish a company and process my visa on the Internet.
When I looked at the websites of various firms, I found the website of Ms. Iwasaki’s firm. I wanted to consult with by her various experiences from the past.
When I began to the process of establishing a company, I was a still an employee at the time, so I did not have time to do a lot of research. However, they were willing to tell me what I wanted to know about things after establishment procedures and opening corporate accounts, which helped a lot.
In the future, I would like to expand my import and export business and work as a bridge between Japan and India.

SE-Japan Co.,Ltd.

Headquarters Minato-ku,Tokyo Japan
Director Mrs.Kolesnikova Tatiana(Russia)
Main operations Application development of Japanese language education for Russians
Services requested Establishment of company
Change of status from family dependent to business manager visa
Extension of period of stay for children
Part time work permit (28h/week) for children

I decided to set up my own company because I wanted to live my own life and make the best out of it for myself and for the society.
I was aware that it is difficult to set up a company and apply for a business manager visa. Even in my own country setting up a company is not an easy task. I felt that I needed the support from an expert. I checked the homepages of various administrative scriveners. Kaisha Setsuritsu Express Website showed detailed information. It was written in an easy-to-understand manner. When I made an inquiry, I got a good response immediately from Ms. Iwasaki. I am glad I actually chose Kaisha Setsuritsu Express. I always had polite explanation, the procedures of company establishment and business manager visa has proceeded smoothly. Thank you very much, Ms. Iwasaki.


Headquarters Singapore
Director Mr. Phuah Kok Liang,Marcus
Main operations Consulting , Marketing
Services requested Establishment of subsidiary office

I have a law firm and a consulting firm in Singapore.

I wanted to expand my business in Japan and was looking for an office that can handle the legal procedures in English.

I learned of Ms. Iwasaki’s office, which had a lot of experiences in establishing foreign companies.

Since she has lived in Singapore before, I requested her with confidence to establish my firms in Japan.


Client’s name Mr. PIAO CHENG
Nationality China
Services requested Business Manager Visa (Program for foreign entrepreneurs by Tokyo Metropolitan Government)

(At the office entrance of Tokyo Metropolitan Government)

I am a craftsman who has been making wigs for many years, and I mainly sell them online in China.

At one point, I got 5 stars on Taobao (a major online shopping site in China), but the market was already saturated in China and I was involved in a low-price competition.

I started to have an eye on Japanese market where the price of wigs is high and online shopping is active.

I was looking for a legal office to help me set up a company and support me to obtain business manager visa.

I found Ms. Iwasaki’s office on website and interested in the program for foreign entrepreneurs, so called Tokyo StartUp Visa.

I also consulted with other law firms, but I chose Ms. Iwasaki because she seemed to be reliable.

I was surprised to get my visa so quickly.


Client’s name Mrs. JIANG MIN
Nationality China
Services requested Business Manager Visa (Program for foreign entrepreneurs by Tokyo Metropolitan Government)

We are an advisor for medical device manufacturers and environmental companies in China, and we are engaged in the business of exporting and selling high-quality Japan made devices to China.

I wanted to start a business in Japan, so I visited various offices for consultation.

I was wondering what to do when all the offices said that it would be difficult for me to obtain a business manager visa.

The 6th place was Ms. Iwasaki’s office.

When I visited her office, she explained in detail about the program for foreign entrepreneurs supported by Tokyo Metropolitan Government.

I thought I can believe in this person and asked.

I was surprised that the permission was received much earlier than expected.

I will work hard and do our best in Japan with my sister.

HEZE Line Co., Ltd.

Headquarters Korea
Director Mr. Heekyung Kim
Main operations Selling of LINE stamps
Services requested Establishment of Japanese subsidiary, Opening a corporate bank account

Our main business is selling LINE stamps.

I was looking for an office to support the company establishment procedure because it was hard to do business without a corporate form in Japan.

If we were not a company, it was difficult to participate in creator events and sell character goods in Japan.

I sent an inquiry e-mails to 5 to 6 legal offices, Ms. Iwasaki’s office gave the quickest reply, so I decided to request it.

We established the company in mid-July and were able to open a corporate account at the end of August.

I am very satisfied with the smooth progress.

Ms.Chen Yixin

Client’s name Ms. Chen Yixin
Nationality China
Services requested Business Manager Visa (Program for foreign entrepreneurs
by Tokyo Metropolitan Government)

I love traveling since I was a kid, and in China I worked as a translator and interpreter while planning and making travel plans for individuals.

I wanted to start a business in Japan one day and sell an app for individual travelers, so I searched online to find out how to start a business in Japan.

Ms. Iwasaki’s website describes in detail about how to start a business in Tokyo smoothly, so I decided to contact her office.

Ms. Iwasaki gave me a lot of advice.

We drafted the business plan together, and the content of my business that was initially vague eventually became clear.

It was helpful.

I have heard that getting a business manager visa is exceedingly difficult, but I am glad I got a permission of entry in a matter of seconds using the program called StartUp Visa by Tokyo metropolitan government.

Kaizendo International Co.,Ltd.

Headquarters Australia
Director Mr. Wayne Anthony Cullinan
Main operations Consulting, ISO certification audit
Services requested Establishment of Japanese subsidiary, Opening a corporate bank account,Office lease contract, Advisory contract

I consulted with a several offices that provide support for establishing a subsidiary in Japan.

Ms. Iwasaki’s office responds promptly, meticulously, and sincerely from the first consultation email.

I decided with conviction that “Here, we can definitely establish our Japanese subsidiary and open a corporate account.

We can handle everything with peace of mind.”

It was an important factor that both English and Japanese were available in her office.

Besides, after learning the history of Ms. Iwasaki’s career in the profile column on website, I was impressed by her effort and strong will, and it became even more decisive.

〈After asking〉
Although it was a difficult time to set up a company as it was the year-end and New Year holidays in Japan, I was able to do all the document preparations and procedures without delay.

I have always felt at ease.

Thank you very much for establishing our Japanese subsidiary and opening a corporate account.

I also asked her office to do the follow-up service.

Healbe Japan Co.,Ltd.

Headquarters Russia
Directors Mr. Hitoshi Yamazaki
Main operations Health equipment, Health food product
Services requested Establishment of Japanese subsidiary

Our main business is to sell wearable devices to promote health.

I wanted to establish a Japanese subsidiary in order to enter the Japanese market, but I was in trouble because I did not understand the legal procedure in Japan.

Since I myself live in Fukuoka prefecture and found it difficult to carry out the procedure in Tokyo, I decided to ask Ms. Iwasaki’s office, who has a proven track record in establishing a foreign company.

In Russia, regulations were strict and there were procedures which could not be pursued smoothly, but I am grateful now that our company’s subsidiary is established in Japan safely.

C3 Japan Co.,Ltd.

Headquarters Hong Kong
Director Mr. Clifford Hau
Main operations Clothing retailer
Services requested Establishment of Japanese subsidiary, Opening a corporate bank account

We have a popular socks brand 〈Fool’s day〉 in Hong Kong.

I have always wanted to sell products in Japan.

I was looking for an office that would support us to establish a Japanese subsidiary in English or Chinese.

I found Mr. Iwasaki’s office on the Internet.

Since there were few English-speaking legal offices in Japan, I was grateful to establish our subsidiary smoothly in Japan where I was clueless.

In June 2018, we opened an event shop for the first time in Kirarina Kichijoji.

Since I felt the good response in the market, I would like to open a store in Japan and sell our products in the future.

8SL Seivices Limited Japan Branch Office

Headquarters Hong Kong
External Affairs Ms.Ada Kurotaki
Main operations Design, maintenance, and management of information systems
Services requested Establishment of branch office

In order to a request from the Hong Kong headquarters , I was looking for an agent which could support to set up a branch office in Japan.

When I was looking for an agent which can support in English, then I found Ms. Iwasaki’s office on the Internet.

I contacted Ms.Iwasaki’s office, because she was a specialist of establishing a foreign company .

Ms. Iwasaki was always quick to respond, and the establishment of the Japanese branch office was completed in two weeks!

Grass field Co., Ltd.

Head office Kita-ku, Tokyo Japan
Director Mr. Cong Bin
Main operations Textile goods trader
Services requested Establishment of company, Application for change of status of residence

I first contacted a different office run by Chinese, but I could not get enough information about legal procedure, and I was troubled by their high price.

I found Ms. Iwasaki’s office on the Internet and got a quick response when I made an inquiry.

I was relieved that there was a Chinese speaking stuff in charge who could apply for a visa in one stop, so I decided to request it.

There are many things I did not know about establishing a company in Japan.

Thanks to the translator in her office, I could communicate smoothly without any language barrier.

While the work is in progress, Ms. Iwasaki always answered the phone.

It was helpful I could contact her on Saturdays and Sundays as I had a job on weekdays.

Both Japanese law and visa application were difficult, but she gave me an easy-to-understand explanation.

I would like to ask her for more things in the future.

SYSCOM (USA) INC. Japan Branch Office

Headquarters United States
Representative Yasuyuki Tsukase
Main operations Design, construction, maintenance, and management of information systems
Services requested Establishment of branch office, back office operations

At the time we were expanding into Japan, we had no specialized knowledge and were at a loss as to how to prepare for establishment and set up the office for managing general affairs, human resources, and accounting.

We initially considered working with another specialist, one with connections to our parent company, since we wanted to check the fine details as we went along. But this specialist was slow at answering our questions and got us worried. Ms. Iwasaki was always quick to respond, and her passion for her work came through in her responses. This convinced us it was her services that we wanted.

We couldn’t be happier about our decision. As it turned out, our hands were full preparing for establishment, and we never get around to general affairs, human resources, or accounting.

On a side note, we like Ms. Iwasaki and her signature backpack. She reminds us of that statue of Ninomiya Kinjiro—always engrossed in a book with a bundle of firewood on his back.

Kai Konnections International Manpower Services Inc. Japan Branch Office

Headquarters Philippines
Representative Takahiro Sato
Main operations Recruitment agency
Services requested Establishment of branch office, bookkeeping and accounting

I did quite a bit of research before expanding into Japan, only to find that information provided by government agencies was scattered all over and didn’t help me see the big picture. I understood how to set up business, but also wanted a full grasp of what comes afterward, like visa applications and taxes.

This was when an acquaintance got me in touch with Ms. Iwasaki. She could understand correspondence written in English and came across as reliable.

I asked for help establishing this branch office. Ms. Iwasaki’s explanations were an eye-opener. She covered the fine details that were unclear from government guidelines, and offered wonderfully meticulous services that could only have come from a woman.

Jeng Cheng Industrial Corpration, Japan Branch Office

Headquarters Taiwan
Japan Branch member Lin Peirong
Main operations Manufacturing and sales of polycarbonate sheets
Services requested Establishment of subsidiary, work visas

Expanding into Japan was a source of anxiety, since I wasn’t at all familiar with Japanese law or procedures.

The owner of a Japanese business targeting foreign markets got me in touch with Ms. Iwasaki.

She brought an interpreter to the initial consultation and offered an explanation in great detail. This helped immensely, since I didn’t have a perfect understanding of Japanese.

After I enlisted her services, Ms. Iwasaki was kind and quick to complete the procedures for establishment.

I had countless questions about setting up business in Japan, and am grateful that Ms. Iwasaki always gave lucid explanations, without using any technical terms. I also asked her to apply for visas for my workers, and was happy that she obtained them more quickly than I expected.

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