Services Limited Japan Branch Office

Headquarters Hong Kong
External Affairs Ms.Ada Kurotaki
Main operations Design, maintenance, and management of information systems
Services requested Establishment of branch office

In order to a request from the Hong Kong headquarters , I was looking for an agent which could support to set up a branch office in Japan.

When I was looking for an agent which can support in English, then I found Ms. Iwasaki’s office on the Internet.

I contacted Ms.Iwasaki’s office, because she was a specialist of establishing a foreign company .

Ms. Iwasaki was always quick to respond, and the establishment of the Japanese branch office was completed in two weeks!

SYSCOM (USA) INC. Japan Branch Office

Headquarters United States
Representative Yasuyuki Tsukase
Main operations Design, construction, maintenance, and management of information systems
Services requested Establishment of branch office, back office operations

At the time we were expanding into Japan, we had no specialized knowledge and were at a loss as to how to prepare for establishment and set up the office for managing general affairs, human resources, and accounting.

We initially considered working with another specialist, one with connections to our parent company, since we wanted to check the fine details as we went along. But this specialist was slow at answering our questions and got us worried. Ms. Iwasaki was always quick to respond, and her passion for her work came through in her responses. This convinced us it was her services that we wanted.

We couldn’t be happier about our decision. As it turned out, our hands were full preparing for establishment, and we never get around to general affairs, human resources, or accounting.

On a side note, we like Ms. Iwasaki and her signature backpack. She reminds us of that statue of Ninomiya Kinjiro—always engrossed in a book with a bundle of firewood on his back.

Kai Konnections International Manpower Services Inc. Japan Branch Office

Headquarters Philippines
Representative Takahiro Sato
Main operations Recruitment agency
Services requested Establishment of branch office, bookkeeping and accounting

I did quite a bit of research before expanding into Japan, only to find that information provided by government agencies was scattered all over and didn’t help me see the big picture. I understood how to set up business, but also wanted a full grasp of what comes afterward, like visa applications and taxes.

This was when an acquaintance got me in touch with Ms. Iwasaki. She could understand correspondence written in English and came across as reliable.

I asked for help establishing this branch office. Ms. Iwasaki’s explanations were an eye-opener. She covered the fine details that were unclear from government guidelines, and offered wonderfully meticulous services that could only have come from a woman.

Jeng Cheng Industrial Corpration, Japan Branch Office

Headquarters Taiwan
Japan Branch member Lin Peirong
Main operations Manufacturing and sales of polycarbonate sheets
Services requested Establishment of subsidiary, work visas

Expanding into Japan was a source of anxiety, since I wasn’t at all familiar with Japanese law or procedures.

The owner of a Japanese business targeting foreign markets got me in touch with Ms. Iwasaki.

She brought an interpreter to the initial consultation and offered an explanation in great detail. This helped immensely, since I didn’t have a perfect understanding of Japanese.

After I enlisted her services, Ms. Iwasaki was kind and quick to complete the procedures for establishment.

I had countless questions about setting up business in Japan, and am grateful that Ms. Iwasaki always gave lucid explanations, without using any technical terms. I also asked her to apply for visas for my workers, and was happy that she obtained them more quickly than I expected.

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